Raleigh TV stations shut down, replaced with DirecTV Now

RALEIGH, N.C. — The TV stations of the Raleigh television station have been ordered to shut down by a state-appointed emergency manager because of financial problems, The Associated Press has learned.

Raleigh TV station owners will no longer receive payments from the company that owns the stations or be able to operate their stations under new regulations that took effect Monday, the Associated Press reports.

The new regulations mean the station owners can’t be paid for airtime on the station.

State-appointed interim manager Joe Nunez said Tuesday that he will take the station off the air and replace it with Direcom’s Directv Now.

Nunez told The Associated News the new regulations were a necessary move because of the financial troubles.

The owners have a financial obligation to the public, he said.

It’s a matter of fact that the financial condition of the station is not sustainable and they will not be able in the near future to provide the public with service that they can provide, he told the AP.

He also said the station must close its doors to the general public, as well as its employees.

DirecTV now has more than 2.4 million subscribers in the state, which has about 20 million TV households.

More:RaleighTV owner’s financial problems were well-known and public, the AP reports.

He made the announcement during a news conference at the Raleigh-Durham County Coliseum.

Raleigh television station owner said he is considering closing the station and replacing it with a Direc TV Now service, but he said he cannot guarantee it will happen.