When it comes to TV ratings, there’s nothing more American than a Florida Panthers fan

With a national television audience of 11 million viewers, the Tampa Bay Lightning have a solid following that rivals the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

So when the Panthers play the Washington Capitals, the team has a solid chance to pull in the ratings, according to Nielsen.

That’s the case for many sports.

But Nielsen’s ratings don’t always hold up to the hype.

Here are the best ratings from a handful of other American sports.

NASCAR NASCAR is a major draw for NASCAR fans, and it has been for years.

That popularity, along with the fact that the series is one of the few sports that airs on the broadcast networks, makes NASCAR ratings one of sports more reliable.

The ratings don.t always match up with other sports, but they are a solid indicator of how popular the sport is in the United States.

Basketball NBA ratings tend to be more reliable, especially when it comes the league’s basketball series.

The NBA’s ratings have been improving over the past few seasons, and in the NBA’s case, they have been a major part of that.

ESPN NBA ratings are an even bigger problem, because they rely on the number of viewers who tune in to watch a game.

If there are more than 10,000 viewers who are watching, that number will be counted in the final ratings.

And the NBA has a few games left in the regular season, so there’s still a chance for that number to fall.

And while the ratings may not match up to other sports’ ratings, they’re reliable.

NFL ratings are not a problem for many reasons.

The NFL has an average of more than 12 million viewers a game, making it one of TV’s most-watched events.

The average rating for NFL games last season was 3.89, which was well above the ratings for the NBA.

The league’s ratings also aren’t as reliable as those of the NBA because they only track the average viewership.

The highest-rated NFL game on television last season, the Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game, drew 1.08 million viewers.

That would be good for an average rating of 2.3, according the Sports Business Journal.

But that game only averaged 1.5 million viewers in the early evening on ESPN.

The network said that number may have been affected by the game being the only one of two NFL games to feature the Bills-Jets.

NASCAR ratings are even worse.

NASCAR, like other sports in the U.S., is one that has an avid fan base.

The NASCAR Series has been the most-popular race in NASCAR since it began in 2003.

That support is also a major reason that NASCAR ratings have continued to grow, as well.

But NASCAR has a history of low ratings, which can hurt its ratings, especially if they are not based on fans watching the race.

The last time NASCAR had low ratings was in 2011, when the Series was on the bubble for the first time since 2008.

NASCAR fans can count on NASCAR’s ratings to improve over the years.

The next step is for NASCAR to develop a TV ratings program that focuses on fans, according, to the network, on “the most important audience in sports: the audience that watches the race, the race fans.”