Why are Spanish channels so much better than English channels?

Spanish broadcasters have been accused of bias in their coverage of football after the BBC admitted they ignored evidence of racist abuse.

The broadcaster said it would be “inappropriate” to discuss any details of the investigation because it was ongoing.

The BBC said it had suspended its relationship with Spanish channel La Liga until Monday, while Spanish broadcaster Espanyol had also suspended its relations with English channels Sky Sports and BT Sport.

It has been reported that Spanish fans were subjected to racist abuse during last season’s World Cup in Brazil, when racism was rife.

The allegations came after a series of racist attacks by fans on the field of play at a Spanish league match in the city of Malaga last year.

It was the second such incident in less than a week and follows a wave of similar incidents in other Spanish football leagues, including Barcelona and Espanyal, in recent weeks.

La Liga is a football league in Spain.