Yakima TV station to air Russian TV series about ‘pilot’

Yakima, Washington (CNN) Yakima television station will air a Russian-language Russian television series about a pilot who parachuted into the White House during the 1989 presidential election.

The series will air this summer on the Al Jazeera English channel.

The pilot, “The Pilot,” is the first television series to be produced for Al Jazeera in Russia, said Al Jazeera’s executive producer Alexei Balygin.

The Al Jazeera series follows “the journey of a pilot from his first job to the Whitehouse,” Balygen said.

The project was created by a team of Russian television and film production experts, including two former employees of the state-owned company RT.

The series was funded by the Russian government and Al Jazeera.

“We had to ask ourselves if we could put the story in the hands of the public,” said Aljazeera English’s Head of News, Yusef Chahal.

“What do you do with people who are asking you questions?

We decided that this is a story about our country, and the story of a nation that’s in turmoil,” said Chahall.

“It’s an important story, and that’s what we wanted to tell.”

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