Huntsville TV stations to begin offering ‘Big Bite’ show, according to the Huntsville Times

article ABILENE, Ala.

– Huntsville-based TV station WRAC-TV announced on Thursday that it will be offering the show Big Bite from the Hunts’ flagship cable channel.

The program, which is scheduled to debut on April 19, will be an hourlong, three-part series on local Huntsville news.

The show will feature news and features from local Huntsburg-area and the Hunts County, as well as the Hunts, and the city’s surrounding areas.

The Huntsville, Alabama-based company said it will air the show from the WRAC TV studio in downtown Huntsville at 7 p.m. and 11 p.s.m., Monday through Friday, and on Sundays at 7 a.m and 11 a.p.m, and 1 p.p., 3 p.t. and 5 p.c.

The Huntsville office of the WRac TV also will air an hour-long special every Sunday, with the special’s opening program and closing program recorded.

The WRAC television studio in Huntsville is located on South Main Street and will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.s.-4 p.d.

The WRAC team said it plans to begin airing the show on April 6.WRAC-tv also announced that it is offering a $25 gift card for new subscribers, which includes an 8.5 percent rebate toward any new subscriptions to WRAC, WRAC’s online streaming platform.

The card will be available at the WRACC website at and at the door for new WRAC subscribers.

The show, which will be broadcast live in the Hunts and surrounding areas on the WRARC-TV station’s online and local channels, will feature local Hunts news and newsmakers.

The broadcast will also feature the Hunts area’s top anchors and local sports personalities.

The first episode will be hosted by the Hunts Police Department and will air at 8 p.a.m each night on the new WRARC station.

The original series of Big Bite, which aired on WRARC, was filmed in the U.S. and Canada and features a cast of Huntsville residents.

The series was produced by WRAC and the production company has produced dozens of episodes of Big, including episodes of the TV series and the documentary film Big Bite: Inside the U of H.

The new Big Bite will air in partnership with the University of Huntsman-Madison and will feature the UH and Huntsville area’s most well-known and influential sports personalities, including UH basketball coach Dan Mullen and UH women’s basketball coach Kelly Clarkson.

The story of Big Bites first aired in 2015 on

The project has received significant coverage from outlets in the United States, including Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox Sports, ABC News, ESPN, and CBS Sports.

The Birmingham News reported on Thursday the show is a success with fans.

“We are excited to have WRAC on board with this groundbreaking series,” said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.

“I believe in our city’s future and our future will be bright.

This show will be a great way to showcase the region to the world and the viewers and fans will be thrilled by the quality of the content.”

In addition to the television show, the WRAB-TV studio will air special events and educational programming each month, with each episode showcasing a local Huntsman and Huntsvillians history.