When you hear ‘the fox’ it means ‘weird’ in Jacksonville

A Jacksonville TV station has been renamed to the FOX station after a local man was accused of stealing a dog and using it to make a prank call.

The station in Jackson, Fla., was renamed the FOX Sports Fox and Fox Sports Fox 2 after a complaint was filed by a Jackson resident, according to a report from WKMG-TV.

The Fox station is owned by Jackson Broadcasting, a Jacksonville-based company that owns Fox Sports, FOX Sports Florida, Fox Sports South Florida and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Jacksonville police spokesman Capt. Scott Phelan said that officers received a call about the alleged burglary Monday night.

Phelans said the station’s manager was called in for questioning.

Jackson City Councilor Matt Pincus, who has lived in Jackson for almost 20 years, said the incident is not surprising.

“The fox is a common phrase in the neighborhood.

People will say ‘we’re not gonna hear anything about that anymore,'” Pincas said.”

The fox just means you know, ‘I’m gonna call you tomorrow, you gotta be awake,’ or whatever the case may be.”

In an earlier statement, Fox News said the “fox” is a misnomer because “we are a family owned station.”

Fox News also said the complaint against the station was filed without proper authorization and that the station “never received a criminal complaint in the first place.”