Which Spanish TV stations are the most popular?

The US-based research firm Media Insight estimates that Spanish-language TV stations in the US have been the most-watched channel in the country for nearly three decades, according to a survey conducted by Fox TV station Fox News.

The Spanish-owned station is one of the most widely watched in the world, with a peak audience of 1.45 billion viewers each week.

It also accounts for more than a third of the US TV market, according the study.

According to Media Insight, Fox News has the second-highest share of US TV viewers, with 3.7 million Spanish-speaking viewers, while Fox Business has 3.2 million viewers.

It said the Spanish-American audience accounts for about 12 percent of all Spanish-speakers in the United States.

Fox News Channel has been in the top five for three years in total viewers and is now second behind CNN in the same time slot.

Fox News Channel also has a significant audience in Spanish-centric markets, according Media Insight.

It has about 1.6 million Spanish speakers in its US audience, according a recent survey.

In contrast, CNN has a total audience of about 2.1 million in Spanish, according that study.

Fox Business has the lowest Spanish-based audience in the entire US.

It currently has about 700,000 Spanish-only viewers, according Fox News Latino.

Fox’s ratings have risen in recent years.

In 2014, the network ranked fifth in its time slot in total daily viewers, behind CNN, MSNBC and Fox Business.

Fox is not alone in having a strong Spanish-specific audience.

Fox’s flagship network, Fox Business, has about 2 million Spanish speaking viewers in the Latino audience, and it has also grown its Spanish-focused audience, which is about 1 million in total.

Fox also has some Spanish-oriented networks in English-language channels including Fox Business’ The Kelly File and Fox Sports’ The O’Reilly Factor.