Allentown TV stations get a major overhaul

Allenton, Pa.

— The Allentons TV stations have been ordered to put a stop to live-streaming on their feeds as part of a plan to ensure that all stations get the same programming.

The order from Pennsylvania regulators came as is still online. is still live.

The and websites are still available.

The order states that the networks’ live feeds will no longer be able to be viewed with the help of a remote control.

The order also bars them from displaying ads, including the ones displayed on television.

AllentownTV and have been live for more than a decade.

The companies were the first online TV stations in Pennsylvania.

Alltentown was the first to offer a digital subscription in 2008.

Alltv has been the state’s largest online video provider since 2011.

Live-streamers who want to stream TV can find a link to their subscription on the Allententown website.

More than 10,000 people in the state have access to