When are you going to learn how to code

Next BigFuture is a new television show about young people who want to make their voices heard in the world of coding.

The show, which is produced by Next Big, is set to premiere on Thursday, July 25 at 8 p.m.


In the pilot episode, “The Code: How I Found Out I was Coding,” viewers will see how Julia Wong, a college student from Singapore, discovered she was coding when she was assigned a job at an online retailer.

“I was in a group chat and I was in this tiny office with my coworkers and I had to make this code,” Wong said.

The show follows a group of students who learn to code through the experience of working at a company where they have to learn by trial and error.

“The code is a bit of a challenge for a lot of them because it’s very new to them,” executive producer and showrunner Ryan Murphy told Mashable.

“But once they start doing it, it’s like learning a new language and learning to code.

They are really into the idea of coding and they are excited about it.””

The Code” is part of the Next Big TV initiative that includes “The Voice,” “The Biggest Loser,” and “The Bachelor,” which also features a diverse group of actors and hosts.

Next Big hopes to introduce viewers to other ways to code, and also to new technology to make programming more accessible and relevant to young people.

Murphy said the show will feature an interactive interactive story about how to learn to program.

“We want to show people that coding is not just for kids anymore.

We want to educate young people and show them that coding has an amazing potential to help people and society,” he said.

The network is also exploring ways to bring programming to schools and to classrooms.