CNN TV Station Hosts ‘Fake News’ During Hannity Show

Breitbart News article A new CNN TV station host is facing an onslaught of fake news during a Hannity show, prompting his hosts to call out the media for failing to protect the public.

The station hosts of the morning program, Alisyn Camerota and Tamara Holder, have taken a stand against the “fake news” that has permeated the mainstream media since Trump took office.

In the past few weeks, the hosts have confronted the mainstream press with reports about a series of fake Trump rallies held in California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

The fake news stories have included that “Trump is in fact in a landslide,” that “Democrats are all white,” that Hillary Clinton is “not going to be president” and that the “FBI is investigating the Trump campaign.”

But Camerota, Holder and other CNN TV hosts have been repeatedly challenged with the fake news by a number of people, including CNN host Anderson Cooper, who asked the hosts if they believe that fake news can be justified on the basis of facts.

Hannity, however, was not impressed with the fact that the host was even questioning the legitimacy of the fake stories.CNN TV hosts Tamara and Alisin Camerota face a fake news onslaught during their morning show at 7AM ET (6AM PT) in this screenshot from YouTube source CNN TV Station hosts Tamra and Alisha Holder, along with Anderson Cooper during their interview with Alisino Camerota (center) during the first presidential debate on CNN, Oct. 8, 2020.

A few days ago, CNN host Tamara said on air that she was “not at all surprised” that the media had fallen for a fake story about Trump being in a “massive landslide” because it is “just not true.”

In a segment on CNN’s Erin Burnett Outfront, Holder also said that the fake story that Clinton is going to “be president” was “fake” and “just the latest in a long line of fake stories,” and that it was “nothing more than fake news.”

“There’s no way you can make a fake, or anything like that, out of a lot of things,” Holder said, adding that she “cannot understand why you can’t trust the facts.”CNN host Tamra Holder, left, and Anderson Cooper (right) on the CNN Outfront show.

Source: CNN source CNN Newsroom: Tamara: “We cannot believe in the facts and the law anymore” Tamara says that the mainstream news media has “gone insane” in the last few weeks and that “the news is fake news, it’s just fake news” CNN hosts Tamora and Alissa Holder (center and left) are seen on the network’s Outfront program during the second presidential debate in Brooklyn, New York, Nov. 6, 2020.(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)Alisyn Camara, the CNN anchor who has been critical of the mainstream, tweeted on Tuesday that she felt a “sense of betrayal” when CNN had the courage to report on the story, which she called “fake,” and said it “could be dangerous for our country” to report about the story.

“The media has gone insane in the past couple weeks and they’re not even looking at the facts anymore.

If you want to investigate the news, investigate the facts.

They’re not looking at it.

They are only covering it,” Camara said.

“And it is dangerous for the country.

And we must speak out on the facts, the facts are there.

If we don’t, we will lose our minds.”

Alisino Camara (@Alisinoscamara) October 16, 2020Tamara said that she had received many emails, Facebook posts and tweets from people telling her that they had “been lied to,” but that she believed it was the press that was lying.

“So, to answer your question, if we’re not reporting on the truth, then how are we going to get the truth?” she asked.

Tamara added that she found it “disturbing” that people were so desperate to “get their facts right,” and added that people who believed the “mainstream media” had it “right” to believe that “Clinton is going the FBI investigation,” a claim that “doesn’t make sense.”

“I have friends who are worried that we’re going to lose our country and the people of this country,” Tamara added. “If we don