Dayton TV stations show the effects of Ebola virus

Dayton, Ohio, USA – Dayton, OH (MMN) – Dayton television stations have shown how the disease that has killed more than 4,000 people across West Africa is spreading in the United States, even as the country’s outbreak of Ebola continues to rage.MNS reports on Sunday that WVTS-TV (Channel 9) showed how a single transmission of the Ebola virus on its own is spreading across the U.S. through the Columbus, Ohio-area metro area.

 On Thursday, WVNS-TV also aired footage of two men infected with Ebola being transported from Cleveland to Dayton for treatment.

MNS reported that two other Dayton TV station stations also showed Ebola transmission videos on their screens.

A third station in Ohio, WHOS-TV, also aired video of an Ebola patient being treated in Dayton.MNG reports that while the Columbus area has seen an outbreak of the disease, the virus in the Dayton area has been spreading by air.

The CDC has confirmed more than 2,000 cases of the virus, including 883 deaths.