Delhi Police to launch new service to nab rapists and robbers on mobile phone

A new service will be launched to nab criminals who commit crimes on mobile phones, police said on Wednesday.

Police said the new scheme will be a trial run and will be implemented on the first day of Diwali on February 15, with a target of cracking down on such crimes.

The mobile phone crime prevention unit, which will be headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law & Order) Praveen Khanna, will be able to trace criminals by sending an SMS message to their mobile number and get their mobile phone number.

The messages will contain a mobile number, date of birth and phone number of the offender, police added.

Police also said the scheme will allow them to send a warning to the offender.

The officer, who has been appointed to the position by the Delhi government, will also be empowered to send out alerts on mobile and web based services and to issue warnings to suspects.