How the Raiders won the Super Bowl 2017

The Raiders’ 2018 season opener was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the key takeaways from the Raiders’ wild and surprising victory over the 49ers.


They were on top of the world The Raiders had a good year and were one of the best teams in the league.

They had the second-best record in the NFL at 3-3.

The Raiders also won a franchise-record seven games in the first five weeks of the season.

They scored their most points of the year (736) since the 2001 season, with only the 2007 New Orleans Saints and 2007 St. Louis Rams scoring more.

But the Raiders did not get back to the top until the 49er defense had the game of its life.

The 49ers had just two interceptions and no sacks, which was more than any other team in the NFC West.

It was a very tough time to be a Raiders fan.

That’s why I was very happy to see the 49ERS play in the Superbowl.

The Niners were so good against them, and it was great to see them get the win.


The first Raiders win was in the dome Raiders fans will always remember the first Raiders victory in the Coliseum in 2017, when they beat the Chargers 31-21.

The team played in their home stadium for a decade, before relocating to Las Vegas in 2021.

That game gave the Raiders their first playoff victory, and the team played for the first time in the stadium since 1999.

The game was also a first for the stadium, and that’s the first game for the new scoreboard and stadium lighting.


This is how it went down The first quarter was very exciting for Raiders fans.

Oakland had the ball with 2:37 left.

The Chargers got a first down at the Oakland 41 with 10:52 left.

And with 11:03 left in the half, Raiders running back Latavius Murray got a hand on a defender in the back of the end zone.

That made the Raiders fans go crazy, and they started screaming “GET OFF THE FIELD!”

And the fans began screaming “KICK THE PAT!” and then the entire stadium went wild.

Then, with 1:04 left, a defensive pass interference penalty on Raiders wide receiver Derek Carr cost the Raiders the ball and the Raiders were out of timeouts.

But then the defense scored on a pass to Derek Carr with 5:23 left in overtime, which gave the fans a big moment of relief.


The fans will never forget the time The fans who attended that game were wild.

They went nuts when they saw their team get the ball back.

I have seen a lot of Raiders fans that were there.

I’ve seen people that I know, people I know from Oakland.

I saw a lot more Raiders fans than I ever would have liked, and I think it was because of that moment.

I remember the way that the fans were on the field that night, and then when they got back in the locker room after the game, there were some tears on their faces.

I was just like, “What is going on?

What the hell just happened?”

And it was a tough moment.

That was one of those moments that you never forget.

I will always cherish that game.

And I’ll always be grateful for that.


They did it with the best of them The Raiders got the ball first in overtime.

And the Chargers ran out the clock.

But it was all Raiders on the 49 and a lot has happened in the past year.

The last week of the 2018 season saw the team lose four of its first five games.

They lost to the Saints and then beat the Eagles by two touchdowns.

The final score was 28-23, and after that game, the Raiders went 2-10.

The season started well for the Raiders, but things have gone downhill since then.

After beating the 49 team, the team lost to New Orleans, and lost to San Francisco by a touchdown.

Then the Raiders lost to St. Petersburg, Florida, and beat the Cardinals by four touchdowns.

Then in the last three games, the 49’s defense had seven sacks and five interceptions.

This season is going to be the first in which the Raiders are expected to win all five games, and with that success comes a lot pressure.


They’re going to make a statement The Raiders are the first NFL team to go undefeated since the 2000 season.

The previous team to do that was the 1995 Bills, who beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

That team also won the AFC West, which is the NFL’s most important division.

But in 2019, the Bills lost in the divisional round to the Cardinals.

The Bills have lost to some of the league’s best teams this season, including the Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, Giants, Chargers, and Rams.

And now the Raiders have another chance to