TV stations to pay $1.4 million for new rights deal


– The TV station owners of the Greensboro TV station have signed a multiyear agreement with Theatrical Networks, one of the biggest television rights companies in the country.

The deal will pay the Greensborough TV station a combined $1 million per year for at least five years, with the first $400,000 going to the station owners.

They are paying an average of $2,500 per hour for the new rights.

Greensboro TV is the only local TV station in the state that is owned and operated by a woman.

In an effort to bring more local television into the 21st century, the Greensburg television station owners have teamed up with the Atlanta TV station operator, ATSC, to develop a new, larger regional television network.

“Our goal is to give our community a voice on the big screen and create opportunities for our community and the surrounding area,” said Gwen McPherson, president of the Grit TV station.

 “The network will allow our community to participate in the exciting new future of TV,” she said.

ATSC’s agreement with Greensboro comes after several years of negotiations with the station owner.

McPhersey said the deal will create more opportunities for local media in the Greensbriar area, which is one of only five counties in the nation that does not have an on-air local news outlet.

At a recent town hall meeting, Greensboro City Councilman John Gannon said the Greenscreek community needs more local TV.

After years of being overlooked by the national media, Gannon believes the community needs to be heard and understood more.

He said the agreement with ATSCO will allow local news stations to be seen by the general public.

If the agreement goes through, the new network will begin broadcasting on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m. and continue on Saturday mornings at 8

It will be broadcast in Greensboro, Greensburg, and Greensboro County, as well as on cable stations in New Jersey, Florida and Ohio.

New stations will have the same programming as the older stations.

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