When the media is afraid to tell the truth, its a problem

A new poll has found that the media has been more afraid to talk about climate change and the Ebola outbreak than it is about Trump.

The poll found that when it comes to talking about Trump, the media are more afraid than about anything else.

And it turns out that the more the media’s fear about Trump grows, the less likely they are to report on the Ebola crisis, a major concern for Americans who are still recovering from the virus.

In fact, only 15 percent of Americans polled think that the Ebola pandemic is getting worse.

But when it came to climate change, the poll found only 10 percent of the public think that it is getting better.

The same poll found just 19 percent think the climate is getting “slightly” better.

And just 12 percent think it is “much” worse.

And when it was asked what the public wants the media to cover in its coverage of the Ebola epidemic, only 20 percent thought it should focus on the health and well-being of the infected people.

Only 16 percent thought the media should cover the pandemic as a national security threat.

And only 22 percent thought that the press should cover it as a public health crisis.

“This is a political, public health issue that we’ve talked about in public in the past, but that’s not the same story here,” said Chris Hughes, the senior director of research for the Media Research Center at the University of Virginia.

The media has often been criticized for not reporting on climate change.

That has changed with the Ebola situation.

The Ebola pandemics has taken a toll on Americans’ personal well-beings, Hughes said.

“We’ve had a lot of stories about the media not covering climate change because it’s not really a public safety issue,” he said.

But he also said that the pandemias attention on the media was not just for the sake of a story.

“There is a larger political and cultural value to having stories about a certain group or group of people or something that might be relevant,” he explained.

“People who are not as well off, that is the news, not the other way around.”

But even if the media continues to focus on Trump, there is another problem.

The survey found that Americans are very angry at the media, and the majority of them feel like they’re not getting their news at all.

In the survey, just under half of Americans feel that the news media is not providing the American public with the right information, and another quarter feels like the media just don’t report the news accurately.

When it comes down to it, the press is not the only media that’s getting its news from the White House.

“In many ways, Trump is just a media product,” Hughes said, “just like the other media products that are out there.”

And Hughes believes that the Trump administration is taking away some of the media outlets’ independence from the president.

“The fact that we are the president and we are in charge of the press, that does not mean that the president is in charge,” he added.

But it does mean that it’s harder for the press to be independent, Hughes explained.

The press is still trying to figure out how to tell its own stories, but it has become more independent in the last year or so.

“It has become harder for them to say, ‘We’re not the media because of this,'” Hughes said about the White Hill press corps.

And now, the Trump presidency is causing the press more trouble than ever.