When you’re not watching the TV show, ChicoTV will keep tabs on your spending.

Posted November 02, 2018 08:50:18A popular Chico TV channel will continue to monitor your spending habits, even if you’re in another country.

ChicoTV, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Co., said on Tuesday it will allow viewers to share information on their spending with friends and family, even when they’re not at home.

It will also make it easier for consumers to track their spending and get better value for their money from Chico’s TV and movie channels.

Chicos latest TV show,, which premiered in June and has a $5 million budget, was the first show to be acquired by Walt Disney, which is known for bringing popular shows from its film and TV studios to the streaming platforms.

It’s a rare show that can be made available to consumers in a timely manner, and Chico is aiming to capitalize on the trend.

Chico said it will have a free app and mobile app that allows viewers to view the episodes they’ve watched through a browser.

It also plans to launch an app for its online video platform to make the content available to anyone.

“We are making the Chico app available to everyone who is subscribed to Chico.

It was created as a way for our loyal Chico customers to connect with their Chico friends and families and find a place to watch our popular shows without having to go to a Chico-owned device,” said Joe Gillett, chief operating officer of Chico, in a statement.

ChickensEye, which will launch in 2019, is a new Chico channel with a smaller budget.

It is owned by the Walt Disney Family of Companies.

Chichos TV and Movies channels, which have the same name, will remain in place.

The Walt Disney family is owned 99.99 percent by Disney.